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Кои са били най-добрите ученици на грандмайстор Чън Тинхуа /1848-1900 г./

      Школата на ген. Лю Бин в Пекин; снимка от началото на миналия век.


Who were some of the best Pa Kua students of Cheng TingHua

Liu Pin was one of the best. Sun Lu-T'ang said Liu Pin had all the knowledge since he spent the longest time with Ch'eng T'ing-Hua. Sun Lu-T'ang only studied with Ch'eng for three years. Liu Pin was a security guard for a wealthy family. He would work all night, then teach a group of special students at the Temple of Heaven Park.

The best of the 4th generation of Pa Kua from the Ch'eng T'ing-Hua lineage were Liu Shih-Kuei, Wang Wen-Kuei, and Liu Hsin-Han. Liu Shih-Kuei was the son of Liu Pin (1890/95? - 1965). He had the most skill and knowledge. When Liu Pin was dying, he instructed his students to continue and study with his son in order to achieve great skills. Liu Pin passed his knowledge of Pa Kua Ch'ing Kung (leaping skills/lightness) only to his son. His son worked in a large Boiler factory. His knowledge of Pa Kua was unknown until one of the Boilers was overheating. While everyone was panicing, he leaped to the top of the boiler and opened the relief valve. After this people spread the word about his great kung fu.

Wang Wen-Kuei (1900-1986) accompanied Liu Pin every night to help as a guard protecting the grounds of a wealthy family. He learned very much from Liu Pin and was the best at applications and fighting. Once he asked Liu Pin about the ch'ing kung while the other students were around. Without saying a word, Liu Pin seemed to disappear. Everyone was startled and went looking for him. Then a slow, calm voice descended from the second floor balcony, "Here I am." He then leaped down and landed like a feather, very softly and lightly. "This is Pa Kua Ching Kung," he stated.

Wang Wen-Kuei knew many forms of Pa Kua and various weapons. Along with studying with Liu Pin, he also studied with Chi Feng-Hsiang who was an older Pa Kua brother of Liu Pin and he studied with Wang Tan-Lin,

Liu Pin's younger kung fu brother. Wang Wen-Kuei was the vice-president of the Pa Kua Research Association. In his 80's he could still take 2 or 3 younger students at a time and defend himself without a problem. His seven star staff was very beautiful, his forms were very low to the ground. Wang Wen-Kuei did not like to teach and wouldn't teach just anybody. He had about three students. He was my Pa Kua uncle. After I would learn something from Liu Hsing-Han he would correct and help me work on the form, he also showed me other forms. He taught me the Pa Kua linking 24 palms and the Pa Kua Seven Star Staff. He liked me since I was studying Chinese culture and the Opera.

Wang got his nick name "Great Master Wang" by striking a horse that was out of control and knocking the horse down, saving a woman's life in Beijing. Word of this incident spread quickly.

The top 4th generation Pa Kua Chang teacher in the Ch'eng T'ing-Hua lineage who is still living today is my teacher Liu Hsing-Han. He was part of the inner group of Liu Pin. His father taught him from 8 years old to 15 in Hubei. At that time his father went to Beijing and arranged for his son to study with Liu Pin in Beijing. Liu Hsing-Han is very interested in all of Pa Kua, not only the forms and skill, but the history of Pa Kua and he continues to research the philosophy and history to try and reach a greater understanding.

Liu Hsing-Han has many students throughout China and travels to teach and spread Beijing Pa Kua. He received an award from the Beijing government for spreading and teaching Pa Kua Chang. In 1981-1986, along with his students, he wrote a very important book Yu Shen Pa Kua Lien Huan Chang which continues to sell out each printing. This book has generated much interest in Pa Kua in China.

Another teacher form the older generation that Liu Hsing-Han thought was one of the best is Chang Kuo-Hsing. His palms, weapons, and fighting were excellent.


Wrist Position

Wang Wen-Kuei, now deceased, was Liu Hsing-Han's elder kung fu brother under Ch'eng T'ing-Hua's student Liu Pin.

Movement Palm Hands Martial

Wang Wen-Kuei and Liu Hsing-Han practice together in 1980.

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